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Wizz CX Executive Daniel Robert Leigh fills us in on all things Wizz and what he thinks about the future of the taxi industry

Published on 04.07.2019, in icabbi marketplace

Introducing the Wizz App on the iCabbi Marketplace.


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Can you tell us about Wizz? 

Wizz is a software company that specialises in developing consumer booking apps for the taxi industry.   Our CEO, David Wright has almost 30 years of experience within the taxi industry, with his technology having helped some of the most successful taxi companies to grow throughout the UK. As a company, we have a unique understanding of how customers think, as our sister company operates Bounds Taxis, based in Northampton and surrounding towns, established way back in 1958, with an ever expanding fleet of 700 drivers. 

What is the problem your solution solves?

Firstly, Wizz helps taxi businesses increase market share with it’s loyalty points system, which ensures viral growth as customers share with friends to gain points. 

Secondly, because the app is extremely well designed and easy to use, customers are easily converted from calling to booking with the app, thereby maximising the levels of automation that can be achieved by up to 80% when combined with IVR. 

Last but by no means least, Wizz generates income streams for operators, with a Q Jump booking option and automatic charges for no show and cancellations.

Who is your solution for? 

Any iCabbi customer, no matter their size. Taxi businesses use Wizz in order to offer the best possible experience to their customers.

Why choose your companies solution?

With some three decades experience within the taxi industry, both in development and as a successful taxi business, we have a unique perspective of what really matters in the product .  Additionally, our CTO comes from a development background in the gaming industry, where captivating design, user engagement and product stability are essential in achieving success.

How does your solution work with iCabbi fleets?

New customers can be up and running on Wizz within a few days, as they simply need to provide us with a few details, including their corporate logo and we handle the whole process of deploying their branded apps on the apple and android stores.

What is your company vision in one sentence? 

To provide the most advanced and engaging taxi booking app that generates revenue that pays for itself.

What is the future of the taxi industry in 3 words? 

Success through collaboration.

In your opinion what key developments should taxi fleets be planning for, why? 

5G mobile technology is going to become the norm over the next year, which will make app usage increase, so it’s important you’re ready to gain from this, with a focus on marketing strategies that grow the usage of your app.   

Can you tell us about any other products/services you can bring to Marketplace?

We have a development roadmap which includes many new and innovative ways to enhance the booking experience for the user, but we’re keeping our cards close to our chest for now.

Is there a partner offer for iCabbi fleets?

We are offering the first 3 months with no monthly charges for a limited period, so if you want to take advantage of this, you would be wise to contact us today via the iCabbi Marketplace. 


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