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Published on 19.10.2017, in Stories, Feature


Cruise’s self-driving Chevrolet Bolts are coming to New York next year

GM’s Cruise Automation will expand its test pool, while keeping a focus on city driving, something it has said gives it an edge in the autonomous driving space. What better city to use for testing, then, than New York, one of the densest and most hectic traffic nightmares in North America.

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New Research on How Ride-Hailing Impacts Travel Behavior

Useable data of the effects of ride-hailing service on travel behavior is sorely lacking, but a new study sheds light on critical questions about what companies like Uber and Lyft mean for transit, active transportation, and congestion.

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Addison Lee and Ford launch driverless car coalition for London

London cab company Addison Lee is to lead a government-backed effort into driverless car research, launching a UK firm into a field dominated by US tech companies.

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Seattle Has a New “Playbook” for Handling Transportation Changes

The robot cars are coming. They’ll be self-driving and fully autonomous and shared by city-dwellers who’ll no longer need to own a private car. Or maybe they’ll remain private vehicles, filling streets beyond capacity, sometimes with passengers and sometimes without.

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