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Published on 29.01.2018, in Stories, Feature


Hundreds of cab drivers flocked to London Bridge and brought it to standstill.

London Bridge was completely blocked off by black cab drivers protesting against Transport for London and Uber.

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Planning on taking a taxi this weekend? These are the places with the most taxis per person.

There is a licensed taxi for every 126 people in Dublin, while in Monaghan the comparable figure is one taxi for every 758 people.

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Ford prepares food delivery in era when diners talk to cars.

Ford Motor Co. is expanding its driverless delivery experiment beyond pizza by partnering with Postmates to test what it will take to eventually remove the driver from on-demand distribution.

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Fire Department's taxi rides to hospital draw criticism.

The Phoenix Fire Department often uses — and pays for — taxi cab rides to take people who've called 911 to a hospital if the responding fire crew decides the situation doesn't warrant an ambulance.

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Ford and Silicon Valley-based Autonomic will work together to build a new open platform upon which cities can build out infrastructure communications, including connected traffic lights and parking spots, called the “Transportation Mobility Cloud.”

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Sorcha Jowitt

Marketing Executive

iCabbi is the leading global innovator in cloud based dispatch systems, created with and for enterprise taxi partners to drive business growth.

The platform offers full visibility and control of business and is designed to reduce operational costs, increase efficiency through automation and drive customer satisfaction.

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