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Published on 19.07.2017, in Stories, Feature



Man transferred to Dublin by taxi for major heart surgery

A man awaiting heart surgery was transferred by taxi between hospitals in Letterkenny to Dublin after he was unable to get an ambulance it has emerged

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2017 Taxi Price Index

Cairo, Egypt has the world’s most affordable taxis, costing just 9 cents for one kilometre of travel. Zurich, Switzerland has the world’s most expensive taxis, costing over 7 euros per kilometre.

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Texting for a cab coming soon

Two taxi companies in Saskatoon are preparing to launch a service that will allow their customers to hail cabs by texting

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How Uber tried and failed to build a FedEx rival

In 2014, Uber's CEO Travis Kalanick was reveling in his company's rapid rise.

Uber had emerged as a challenger to — and potential destroyer of — the taxi industry with its network of cars available at the push of a button. But Kalanick was already looking well beyond the ride-hailing business

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Plans follow French commitment to take polluting vehicles off the road owing to effect of poor air quality on people’s health

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Sorcha Jowitt

Marketing Executive

iCabbi is the leading global innovator in cloud based dispatch systems, created with and for enterprise taxi partners to drive business growth.

The platform offers full visibility and control of business and is designed to reduce operational costs, increase efficiency through automation and drive customer satisfaction.

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