Understanding apps: unlocking the benefits of cloud-based taxi automation systems

"With the iCabbi app, your drivers will be able to enjoy greater clarity and control over their daily work."

Published on 22.09.2017, in taxi automation, apps, cloud

If you’re used to running your taxi business the traditional way, apps and automation might sound like something too complex to get into. We get it: Adding an app-based system and greater levels of automation may appear to be a daunting process, but with the right technology, it becomes something you can easily manage.

Imagine being able to take on more customers and grow your business while at the same time making life easier for you and your staff? That’s precisely what taxi automation software can do for you.

User-friendly booking experiences allow customers to book a cab without even making a call. Your drivers can instantly see their next job come in, including the exact location and method of contact for their passenger. Most importantly, you can streamline your business to run more smoothly while having the ability to delve deep into any parameter of the fleet’s performance, all of which is right at your fingertips.

That’s just some of what the iCabbi solution provides. Below, we outline even more of the benefits our system can bring to your business.

What can the iCabbi app provide for my drivers?With the iCabbi app, your drivers will be able to enjoy greater clarity and control over their daily work. They can instantly see their next job, which includes destination and a point of contact. Having better passenger information helps to reduce no-shows and cuts down the wait time.

With a detailed logging system, a driver can see exactly how many jobs they took on and how efficiently they were carried out. The system also shows data relating to the routes being taken by your drivers. Taxi automation software is particularly useful for its proficiency in better distributing jobs to the drivers that are closer to the customer.

This not only keeps your drivers busier but means that there is greater optimisation of your fleet at any time of the day. You’ll have the flexibility to adapt instantly to changing conditions. Whether that’s a concert ending at a particular time or a sudden bottleneck due to an accident or construction, you can adjust zones to avoid blackspots in real-time, which keeps your drivers moving all the time.

Handling payments digitally through the app not only makes the accounting side of the business easier to operate, it also makes for a safer working environment for your drivers. As all the transactions are automated, there is clarity as to which payments are due, ruling out risk of human error.

What should I look for in an app for passengers?Being able to offer the right app for your customers can prove hugely beneficial to your business. With smartphone ownership at an all-time high, more and more passengers are looking towards apps as their default choice when booking a taxi journey. This trend is especially prevalent in younger demographics.

As Gareth Murran, Product Manager at iCabbi, explains: “Taxi companies want to offer better and more responsive apps. With iCabbi, passengers can see when their taxi will arrive, the driver they will get and even a cost estimation if they’ve entered their pick-up location and destination. The passenger app can integrate with an automated dispatch system – meaning you’re wasting fewer resources in taking and managing bookings.”

Plus, evidence repeatedly suggests that when given a choice, those under 30 prefer to use an automated or app-based transaction over making a phone call. The combination of the iCabbi app and an automated dispatch system allows your drivers to get to customers more quickly, getting them to their destination in the way they prefer.

How does the passenger app differ?
Sure, there are many app-based systems which all proclaim to do essentially the same thing. Ultimately it’s about getting the customer from point A to point B, but what differentiates a truly effective system is how well it works behind the scenes.

From a customer’s point of view, the iCabbi app allows them to create a profile and to place a booking that indicates both time and location quickly. It adds a detailed overview of their journey and brings the convenience of being able to see the taxi on the app as it nears their pick-up location. The app also brings an additional layer of safety for many users, as they can see the details of the car and the driver corresponding to their booking.

What kind of installation process is required?
One of the most advantageous aspects of the iCabbi system is the ease with which you can add and set up a new driver. Because the system uses a cloud-based structure with integrated apps, all that’s required is a smartphone device.

These handsets can be purchased for a relatively small cost, and all the driver needs to do is download the app via Android Play. Having such a simple and straightforward system means that it’s far easier and more time efficient to add more drivers to your fleet. Cars no longer need to be off the road while hardware is installed.

Move your business into the future
Apps and automation are the future of taxi businesses. To begin your journey into innovation, talk to us today: We’ve helped hundreds of taxi companies become more efficient and profitable so we can help you with any questions you might have.



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