Don't just take our word for it! Find out what our UK Customers have to say about the iCabbi Taxi Dispatch System

Published on 10.02.2019, in customer review

Thinking about switching to the iCabbi dispatch system? It's the most flexible, reliable and sophisticated cloud dispatch solution out there, and it will help you  grow your fleet. But wait - we would say that, right? Don't just take it from us. Check out these video testimonials from iCabbi's UK customers to hear how  taxi companies just like yours have gotten on since they made iCabbi their taxi dispatch technology partner. 


Scott Dolan, ABC Taxis Norwich - iCabbi Customer Taxi Dispatch System Review Sep 2018  


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Mel Revell, Links Taxis Grimsby- iCabbi Customer Taxi Dispatch System 

Review, Sep 2018



 Liam Brewster, City Taxis Sheffield - iCabbi Customer Taxi Dispatch System  

Review, Sep 2018


Dean Turner, Veezu -iCabbi Customer  Taxi Dispatch System 

Review Sep 2018


David Hunter, ADT Taxis Leicester - iCabbi Customer  Taxi Dispatch System  

Review, Sep 2018



So, now you've heard our customers' opinion, why not check out  our dispatch solution for yourself by booking a demo today?

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Sinead Gillett

Head of Content

iCabbi is the leading global innovator in cloud based dispatch systems, created with and for enterprise taxi partners to drive business growth.

The platform offers full visibility and control of business and is designed to reduce operational costs, increase efficiency through automation and drive customer satisfaction.

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