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Our 7 most popular blog posts of 2018

Recap on what's been happening, and what iCabbi have been thinking about the future of the taxi industry during 2018.

taxi automation, future-proof, taxi

Your Taxi Dispatch System is not Your Football Team

Eric Cantona once said  - "you can change your wife, you can change your religion, but you can't change your football team".  Even when your team...

taxi automation, apps, cloud

Understanding apps: unlocking the benefits of cloud-based taxi automation systems

If you’re used to running your taxi business the traditional way, apps and automation might sound like something too complex to get into. We get...

taxi automation, business efficiency, future-proof

How to scale your taxi business without adding to your overheads

Imagine having more hours in each day which you can dedicate to developing your taxi business and push it forward, rather than simply coping with...