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Meet our Head of Human Resources and Organisational Development - Sarah Cullen

'Without the people there is no innovation and without innovation, we remain still – and in today’s world of work, you can’t stay still for long! '

Hires, Product, careers,

Meet our Head of Research & Development, Pat Bolger!

'To be involved in companies at this stage in their lifecycle is a great pleasure. I have been here a few times and they are the best memories of my career. This career move was a no-brainer for me. '

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DiSC RTC 3.0 update

DiSC’s latest RTC(Real Time Communicator) update comes with a range of new features; agent status wallboard, click to dial, new keyboard...


iCabbi and CMAC

CMAC arranges in excess of 250,000 journeys per year to major corporate clients, holiday companies and airlines on a pre-planned and emergency...