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Meet iCabbi's new Chief Operations Officer - Brian Rowan

'It really looked like a great opportunity. After 5 minutes with Gavan, I was convinced!'


Is 2017 the time for the taxi industry to start changing their model?

The evidence that the transportation industry is undergoing the beginning of a paradigm shift is coming thick and fast. This is an area that I’m extremely interested in and passionate about


Disruption Stimulates Growth

2016 has been another great year for iCabbi. In an industry that was disrupted to the point of “write off” status by many with the arrival of...


Blue and White Taxis

Blue & White was founded long before current General Manager Waleed Sonbol joined the business in 2004. While the founder is unknown, records indicate the company has been operating...


Who Will Pay For Your Cab Journeys In The Future?

Apps, payment solutions and loyalty schemes have all come on in leaps and bounds in recent times, the pace of innovation has been breath-taking


Head in the Cloud or Head in the Sand?

Those that tell you that dedicated on-site servers, expensive service contracts, user licenses, server rooms, cables everywhere and expensive onsite