automated taxi system

Innovation and the changing role of taxis now - and in the future

What’s your definition of a taxi? Sure, you’d say, it’s a motor vehicle that’s licensed to transport passengers in return for a fare. And if you...

automated taxi system

Downtime & Delays: 5 common myths about switching to an automated taxi system, debunked

We’ve heard it all when it comes to myths around automation: and sure, it’s natural to harbour concerns when you’re considering a move to any new...

automated taxi system, case study

4 iCabbi customers explain why their new taxi solution is the future of their business

Let’s talk customers. We reckon they’re our most valuable asset. Our customers’ co-operation and input helps us to develop and improve the...

automated taxi system

iCabbi Movember Bro's!

Moustache Mania is taking over iCabbi and by that we mean our Mo Bro reps; Shane, Niall, Vincent, Gerry, Ian and John. 

automated taxi system

How to argue your case for a move to an automated taxi system

Do you want to make a move to automation, but find you’re coming up against resistance? In its simplest sense, automation means managing more work...