Our 7 most popular blog posts of 2018

Recap on what's been happening, and what iCabbi have been thinking about the future of the taxi industry during 2018.

Published on 03.01.2019, in taxi automation, future-proof, taxi

2018 was a busy year for iCabbi. In June we secured a strategic partnership with RCI Bank and Services, the financial services provider for Groupe Renault. This landmark investment by a car manufacturer into the taxi industry is a game-changer. It allows us to spearhead new models of innovation for taxi companies in our bid to put them at the centre of mobility. 

This is the vision of iCabbi 2.0, and it’s  supported by the creation of 120 new jobs at our global taxi innovation centre in Dublin. A recruitment drive to find the very best talent to develop innovation for the taxi industry got underway in the second half of 2018, while we worked towards solidifying a robust 3-year strategy to transform our customer's taxi companies into mobility models. 

By year end we broke the milestone of 400 million rides to date. We also broke some records on the iCabbi blog and thought we'd share some of the most popular posts with you. As it turns out, these posts quite aptly sum up our achievements this year, some of the activities that have been keeping us busy and the future of transport that we've set our sights - and the future of the taxi industry on. 

Hope you enjoy the recap


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