Want to be Super? 5 questions to ask iCabbi at the 2019 TLPA Spring Conference & Expo.

"How can I make my taxi business SUPER?"

Published on 02.04.2019, in LPHCA

If you’re attending the 2019 TLPA Spring Conference in New Orleans you’re bound to have some key questions that you’ll want answered. Like all other taxi company owners, you want your business to grow and to be super into the future.  But transforming your taxi company into a SUPER taxi company won't happen overnight. You need to do so at a rate that is both manageable and stable. Perhaps you’re looking to upgrade your existing bookings system, or maybe you’ve decided to introduce IVR  or make the jump to a fully automated app-based platform to guarantee your company’s future.

Either way, iCabbi is here to make our customers into superheroes. We'll show you how our leading platform can bring epic benefits to your business.

So, if you're attending the LPHCA with the objective of boosting your fleet's performance, here are some of the questions you may be thinking of. 

1. How can I stop losing customers?

Realising that you’re losing customers is a start, but prevention can be a complicated issue to resolve. For Kyle Summers, iCabbi’s Senior Vice President, the reasons are clear. “I believe companies lose customers for poor and inconsistent service, and not providing the technological tools the customers want to use for ordering, tracking, or paying for transportation.”

Maybe you’ve lost customers who tried to book with you at a time of day when there weren’t enough drivers available? Or perhaps you’ve noticed – or are starting to – that there’s a generational divide when it comes to how people want to book a cab.

There can be many reasons why customers leave, but key to figuring them out will always be having the right information. And that’s where iCabbi can help.

Our automated solutions allow you to access that information and understand the results so you can act. You can demonstrate demand at certain times of the day, or even assess potential earnings. This information can be used to show your drivers that a move to greater automation and apps will be worth it. That in turn would reduce the time spent waiting by customers, making them happier and garnering their loyalty.

Ian McDonald, who oversees Data Experience at iCabbi, sums it up well when he says, “offering the best tools to service a customer wanting to book via an app is incredibly important.” 

iCabbi is perfectly pitched to accommodate the needs of these customers, and the benefits go both ways. You can have greater visibility over who your customers are, the frequency at which they travel and how much they tend to spend. Your business will be able to see what times of the day they like to travel with you and on which routes.

Business Intelligence from iCabbi is invaluable in helping to develop and grow your company and in turn, reduce customer loss.

“Companies can prevent loss by making changes to their operations to reflect the changes in the market,” Kyle summarises. “If companies are operating as if it was ten years ago, they have no hope of being able to keep their customers.” It’s as simple as that.

2. How can I secure the success of my taxi business into the future?

Moving your taxi business forward may have been hampered by factors such as limited technology and the time you’ve had to spend on daily administration. With iCabbi automation, success is in your grasp: friction is removed, processes are improved and you can accomplish more with less.

You’ll have extra time each day to focus on developing your company. That could mean having time to develop new revenue streams. Account work with local hotels or paratransit work may have been outside of your remit due to a lack of resources – but not now. “We can make what you currently have really efficient,” explains Ian McDonald. That’s what gives you the opportunity to add growth in new areas.

Automation gives you time back for yourself, too. Whether that means not missing a family celebration, or a weekend getaway with friends, knowing that the system is always on and always working brings value that is not always easy to financially quantify.

3. How can I make my drivers happier and improve my staffing levels?

Having an automated booking system can significantly help to reduce the stress placed on phone operators during hectic periods. With iCabbi, a major benefit is the elasticity of the robust cloud-based system, which has 99.97% uptime with Amazon. “iCabbi has changed the landscape by providing companies with cutting edge technology and put the worry of downtime in the past,” confirms Kyle.

It can cope with sudden spikes in demand, leaving staff more time to deal with telephone customers. This flexibility not only makes the customer feel more valued, but also gives the team greater job satisfaction. Operators can also work remotely if you wish to permit this, allowing for increased agility.

“With outages virtually non-existent, drivers know that they will be able to work,” Kyle says. “They also have the tools to know where and when there will be work, so they can maximise their time most efficiently on the road, while reducing dead miles and expensive hardware.”

Another benefit of iCabbi’s solution is the ability to offer a web portal booking service to local hotels or businesses. That could result in 50-100 high-value trips per day to your business. Gaining work like this can be more profitable for both you and your drivers.

4. How can I make my business more efficient?

There’s a saying that you should spend 80% of your time working in your business, and 20%  working on it. iCabbi gives you back that 20% – and more. Our Business Intelligence tools can show you how any aspect of your company is performing in real-time.

Offering customers the choice to make their booking in a way that suits them is vital. As we transition to automated app-based solutions as a society, the load on your staff taking phone calls reduces. They'll have more time to provide excellent customer service to customers who continue to choose to speak to an operator.  An informed booking experience is just as important as a fast booking experience.

“With iCabbi's open APIs, multiple integrations, and the features that continue to be added each month, fleets are experiencing a greater level of automation than they’ve ever reached before,” Kyle says, adding, “it’s not unheard of for companies to have over 60% of all orders come in from an app, web booker, or IVR.”

One thing is clear: by reaching these new levels of automation, the savings you can make will more than pay for your initial investment in iCabbi.

5. How can I track my results and know this is all working?

As Kyle points out, “fleets will know that iCabbi is working because the drivers are never slow to voice their opinion,” and the positive results from transitioning to the iCabbi app-based system are both quantitative and qualitative.

You may notice that the office is calmer and that call takers don't have the same levels of stress. You may observe that drivers seem happier too, no longer querying why they aren’t getting enough work. These are all on the softer side of life with the iCabbi system.

On the hard data, analytical side of things, the numbers won’t lie. At any time, you’ll be able to see what level your booking automation is at, how many drivers you have out at any one time and how many of those are carrying paying passengers. It's data that you’ll be able to see in the palm of your hand, no matter where you are. Business Intelligence is increasingly important to taxi companies, and we go into it in more detail here.

We have hundreds of customers around the globe already enjoying the benefits. VIP Taxi in Phoenix, Arizona has a fleet of 180 cars and takes 11,000 bookings per week. Dave Gauer, the company’s CEO, says, “iCabbi’s platform is fast, flexible and easy to use, allowing us to focus on solving real problems. Above all, customer satisfaction levels are up. 38 years in the business, 8 months on iCabbi...I wish I made the move sooner!”

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