Ten Years Back in Time to Where iCabbi First Began

Gavan Walsh returns to the very spot where the story of iCabbi began 10 years ago!

Published on 27.06.2019, in ICABBI

This picture might not look like much, but 10 years to the day, I got lost in Portugal with my pregnant girlfriend whilst out walking. At this remote spot, the spark of iCabbi began. I had an idea that if I could use my phone to see taxis on a map of my new iphone and then book one by pushing a button, it would solve our problem.

Ten years on, I married this beautiful girl, I’ve got 4 amazing children, iCabbi has disrupted a lacklustre industry, we have nearly 500 customers around the world, we just completed Half a Billion Bookings on the platform, and following major investment by our great partner Group Renault, we’ve built a team of 140 people dedicated to putting taxi companies at the centre of mobility.

That moment of inspiration has positively impacted so many people around the world. I’ve a lot more grey hairs and it’s been an absolute rollercoaster with more ups and downs than will ever be even remembered, but wow, what a journey. Myself and family drove to this remote spot to take this picture. Emotional and very thought provoking. We are now setup to succeed and the next few years are going to be epic!

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Gavan Walsh

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