Your Taxi Dispatch System is not Your Football Team

The 5 things to consider if you're thinking about changing your dispatch system

Published on 11.12.2018, in taxi automation, future-proof, taxi

Eric Cantona once said  - "you can change your wife, you can change your religion, but you can't change your football team".  Even when your team lets you down by missing sitters, getting injured, blowing it at the last minute and slipping down the table your loyalty is unwavering.  Glory Glory Man United - in my case , and all that

Your taxi dispatch system is not your football team. It's not Manchester United.  You're a customer, not a fan. If your dispatch system performs badly it has a negative impact on your business. So, how do you know when it's time to consider a change? 

There are 5 main things to think about. 

 1. Performance

  • When was the last time you hit 70% automation levels between IVR, App and Web bookings?
  • Are your controllers and operators happy with the system they're using ? 
  • Are your automation levels high enough during busy periods to take that added pressure of them?


2. Reliability

  • How often has your taxi dispatch system gone down in the middle of your busy Saturday night shift!?
  • How quickly did your system get back up and running? 



  • When was the last time your fleet size DOUBLED!? Increase in drivers means an increase in revenues!
  • If you increase your fleet size do you need to hire any more operators?


4. Unsatisfied drivers/customers

  • Too much dead mileage on drivers?
  • Longer waiting times resulting in no shows?
  • Unreliability leading to lost customers and drivers?


5. Freedom of choice!

  • Are you restricted to products designed by your dispatch provider?
  • Is their an other  product on the market you feel could improve your business?
  • How would you like access to open innovation and easy integration?


Time to change your taxi dispatch system?

Whatever it may be we all have reason to change something in life! Whether it be something as complicated as a change of system your business runs on or something as silly as a change of haircut.  If I could go back in time and change the bowler haircut my mother insisted I have long past its sell-by date, I most certainly would! 

Unfortunately, while the transport industry is moving forward in leaps and bounds in the mobility age, no one has yet invented a time machine. And that means you can't go back in time to fix problems with your taxi dispatch system. You can only fix the future. 

So, ask yourself how your taxi dispatch system stands up against the factors  we've looked at here  - performance, reliability, growth and driver feedback . Is it time for a change?  


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