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Lee Kerr Co-Founder of DriversPay fills us in on all things DriversPay and what he thinks about the future of the taxi industry.

Published on 19.07.2019, in icabbi marketplace

Introducing DriversPay on the iCabbi Marketplace.



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What is your solution?

Our taxi industry expertise has brought us together to change, challenge and innovate driver to office, and office to driver payments. Fully automated lock out for non-paying drivers and simple one click navigation in our Fusion portal gives you the power to control all your driver related payments in one place.

Who is your solution for? 

Our typical customer is taxi offices and drivers. They use our product to automate and simplify driver rent day.

What is the problem your solution solves?

Driver rent day can be a nightmare, from the never ending discussions with drivers about what a bad week they’ve had to the chance of a trusted staff member stealing from the pot.

We take the strain, the kiosk or the app takes the money and allows taxi company owners to concentrate on other things.

How does your solution work with iCabbi fleets? 

We have a direct connection into our customers iCabbi system via API’s. Our on-boarding solution takes us around an hour to complete once we have received all the required information from our customer.

We operate a Monday – Friday Technical support team 9.30am – 5.30am
24-hour support is managed by our automated CRM.
Our support has 24/7 ticket system via Zoho.
Our engineers can remote onto Kiosk and App software.

What does DriversPay offer to iCabbi fleets?

Highly built and designed Kiosk machine and software which is at least 50% less in cost vs another competitor and also API directly into iCabbi. Lower banking and cash handling costs reducing banking costs. Reduction in operators staffing costs as less staff involved time dealing with payments from drivers and accountancy time.

Why chose your solution?

We are a truly independent company. We do not own our own taxi office nor do we have any intention of doing so. All our customers data is secured and GDPR compliant.

We have built a product that will save our customers’ money by automating one of the most time consuming tasks of the taxi industry. Between the three of us we have over 60 years taxi industry knowledge.

Can you share a customer success story with us?

Wednesfield Radio Cars owner Jim Sharma and our Product Director Mike Tyers started talking about an easier way for Jim to accept money and manage driver payment day more efficiently. Jim had to go into the office every weekend to collect the money and it was very time consuming.

With the DriversPay kiosk in place, Jim no longer has to work weekends.

Our Fusion software locks the drivers out that haven’t paid and logs them back on when they do. When a driver rings to speak to him he can log onto Fusion from home and allow them a “grace” period. He now works 20 hours a week less than he used to.

What is your company vision in one sentence?

Become the main facilitator of automated driver payments in the taxi and private hire sector.

What is the future of the Taxi industry in 3 words? 

Automation, Mobility, AI. 

Sinead Gillett

Head of Content

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