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Brightmile Chief Product Officer, Mark Watts fills us in on all things Brightmile and what he thinks about the future of the taxi industry.

Published on 21.10.2019, in icabbi marketplace

What is your solution?

Brightmile is a driver risk management software solution which helps clients reduce fleet costs and build brand value by ensuring safe, smooth, and efficient driving. Brightmile is designed from the ground up to be simple to use for drivers and fleet operators. Download the Brightmile app to their device and your driver is up and running.

Who is your solution for?

Anyone operating a fleet of vehicles and managing a mobile workforce who would like to ensure safer and smoother driving. Brightmile can be seen as an alternative to more traditional black box/hardware models, or even as complementary to dashcams (Brightmile helps to prevent and reduce collision rates, dashcams add value after an incident has occurred).

What is the problem your solution solves?

Passengers who are worried about their safety and less likely to travel with a taxi company whose drivers are speeding and/or using their smartphones whilst driving. Drivers who don’t want to be falsely accused of unsafe behaviours. Taxi companies who operate in a fiercely competitive environment and need to (a) minimize costs, (b) maximise brand reputation, (c) ensure passenger peace of mind.

How does your solution work with iCabbi fleets?

Brightmile’s software can be accessed from the cloud directly onto (a) the web browser of the fleet operator, and (b) the smartphones of drivers. Trips are automatically detected to trigger driver behavioural analysis.; No integration is required – Brightmile can be up and running at the click of a mouse.

What is your company vision in one sentence?

Smarter, easier fleet risk management.

In your opinion what key developments should iCabbi fleets be planning for, why?

Shared & increasingly autonomous rides. Protect against challenges by collecting data & building a strong brand to ensure a seat at the table in the mobility-as-a-service revolution.

Can you share an example of a customer success story?

Brightmile is a key part of AXA UK’s strategy to ‘partner’ with their fleet customers to manage risks and prevent collisions before they happen.

What is the future of the Taxi Industry in 3 words.

Safe. Multi-modal. Shared.

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