What Social Media Channels Should You Use?

Sinead Gillett, Head of Content shares her recommendations on social media for taxi companies

Published on 27.08.2019, in customer review

What social media networks should your taxi company be on?

Wherever your customers are likely to hangout online is where your taxi business should be. For taxi companies, this will mean being present on a number of different social media channels. So, you need to understand the audience and the content expectations of the channels you use and be strategic about how you position your taxi company to these people.

You can get a comprehensive guide to social media for taxi companies here. But if you just want to crack on right now, here’s my recommendations for social media for taxi companies. 


Facebook remains the world’s largest social media channel by a longshot, with over 2 billion active users. If your taxi business is on no other social media channels, it needs to be on Facebook. 

Taxi company Facebook profiles often appear in Google searches and there are many useful features for local businesses. You can set up clear Calls to Action to book a taxi from your Facebook page, linking to your app or IVR, and you can also use Facebook Messenger to take bookings. 

Facebook is the best social media platform for targeted ads. Once you’ve understood the unique characteristics of your passenger groups you’ll be able to delve deep with ad targeting.

Facebook Ad Targeting Example:

Is there a football match mid week you’d like to service with your fleet? Target people who live within X range who have an interest in X Football Club. 


Instagram is the fastest growing social media channel. It’s popular with a wide variety of people, but is the ‘go to’ social for younger generations. If you’re in a location with a large student population then gearing content and promotions towards students on Instagram would be a good shout. 

Instagram boasts the highest engagement rates in relation to followers. Since it is owned by Facebook it also offers very good advertising options, including local range advertising, where your ads are only shown to people within a set distance of a particular point within a set timeframe -  making it ideal for targeting specific groups such as event attendees or shoppers at an outlet. 

Instagram is all about image. You need your photos to catch the eye and draw people in. Because your home profile page of Instagram appears as a grid, it’s important that the images you select have some degree of consistency to them. It’s about creating a brand look, which is not always easy for taxi companies. You’ll need some creative ideas to make this work - and we’ve got some for you a little later on. 

Snapchat is also useful for reaching younger audiences, but you won’t get the peripheral benefits of touching other demographics that you will with Insta, plus it’s a bit more difficult for businesses to leverage from a content point of view. 


Does your taxi company service a lot of account work, or would you like to secure more. Selling from business to business (B2B) is a different kettle of fish than straight to passengers. You need to market to the people in these companies who make decisions about suppliers and you need to demonstrate professionalism. LinkedIn is the number one network for professionals. 

You can have a company profile and a personal profile. You need both. Personal connections are the lifeblood of business and personal profiles on LinkedIn often have more pull. Remember this is a business space so keep your personal profile professional. Keep your baby, pet and holiday snaps for Facebook!


Twitter is great for LIVE news and events. This is where the most up to date info will be and where you can enter into real-time storytelling and conversations. Think about how you can position your taxi firm in conversations about traffic updates, disaster warnings, breaking news, or running commentary on local concerts, football games and other events you want to get business from. 

You’ll need to be active and ‘on it’ if you want to get the benefit of real-time social media marketing. And if you want to blast into viral success by jumping on a news story and spinning it  (known as ‘news-jacking’) you’ll need to be both quick and creative. 

Want more advice on running social media for your taxi company. Download our free Be a Taxi Hero with Social Media eBook. 

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