St. Patrick's Day, Green

50 Shades of Green

50 Shades of Green at iCabbi to celebrate this St. Patrick’s Day! We’re so proud of our Irish roots and of the many honorary Irish teammates we’ve...


iCabbi Scoops Entire Téo Taxi Dev Team & Opens an Office in Montreal

We've got big news to share with you at iCabbi! We're delighted to announce that we have opened a new innovation hub in Montreal, staffed by 21...

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iCabbi Customers at the Scottish Tazxi & Private Hire Awards

Check out our glamorous & award-winning customers at the recent Scottish Taxi & Private Hire Awards. We LOVE seeing our customers get the...

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City Taxis Sheffield - iCabbi Customer Case Study

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Thinking about switching to the iCabbi dispatch system? It's the most flexible, reliable and sophisticated cloud dispatch solution out there, and...


23 Safe Winter Driving Tips For Taxi Drivers

Keep you and your passengers safe in hazrdours snow and ice conditions.


A New Voice for the Global Taxi Industry: Making A Magazine

Follow the story so far.

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Meet our Head of Human Resources and Organisational Development - Sarah Cullen

'Without the people there is no innovation and without innovation, we remain still – and in today’s world of work, you can’t stay still for long! '

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The key transport trends for 2019 (and expert views on what they really mean for the taxi industry)

The taxi industry has been disrupted by technology, most prominently in the guise of rideshare platforms such as Uber, Lyft and DiDi.  Uber has...

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Meet our Head of Research & Development, Pat Bolger!

'To be involved in companies at this stage in their lifecycle is a great pleasure. I have been here a few times and they are the best memories of my career. This career move was a no-brainer for me. '