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Meet our Head of Human Resources and Organisational Development - Sarah Cullen

'Without the people there is no innovation and without innovation, we remain still – and in today’s world of work, you can’t stay still for long! '

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The key transport trends for 2019 (and expert views on what they really mean for the taxi industry)

The taxi industry has been disrupted by technology, most prominently in the guise of rideshare platforms such as Uber, Lyft and DiDi.  Uber has...

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Meet our Head of Research & Development, Pat Bolger!

'To be involved in companies at this stage in their lifecycle is a great pleasure. I have been here a few times and they are the best memories of my career. This career move was a no-brainer for me. '

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Our 7 most popular blog posts of 2018

Recap on what's been happening, and what iCabbi have been thinking about the future of the taxi industry during 2018.


Dear Customer...

 When we sat down this month to make a plan to send you a Christmas card, we asked ourselves: what do we really want to say to you? And the answer...


Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and its impacts: The transportation-mode mix

We’re at the beginning of a new epoch. Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is changing the way we move in cities all over the world - and it’s impact is...

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Your Taxi Dispatch System is not Your Football Team

Eric Cantona once said  - "you can change your wife, you can change your religion, but you can't change your football team".  Even when your team...

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SKETCH! It's our new graphic deisgner, Rita

A picture paints a thousand words. Check out Rita's first impressions of iCabbi.

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Meet iCabbi's new Chief Operations Officer - Brian Rowan

'It really looked like a great opportunity. After 5 minutes with Gavan, I was convinced!'