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Just a few of the new additions to the iCabbi team in January

Published on 09.01.2017, in Hires

 Shane Mc Donnell

Shane Mc Donnell - Marketing Director

Understanding what the market needs and helping communicate the relevance of our offering.

Various marketing & advertising roles in agencies, consultancy, telco & banking.

If you weren’t in iCabbi, what would you be doing?
Dealing with writer's block over coffee on my much-anticipated 2nd novel, while staring at sea from my beach front home office...

 Paul Lydon

Paul Lydon - Development Manager

Managing team process, strategy and communication to get product out the door, on time and to the highest quality.

18 years in the software industry working in various multinational companies.

If you weren’t in iCabbi, what would you be doing?
Enjoying life, blissfully unaware of the taxi industry and now impending mental health issues, but where would the fun be in that…

 Steven Holland

Steven Holland - Help Centre Manager

I’m here to help people solve problems and improve their system.

Base controller in VIP Taxis Dublin for over 13 years, managing the fleet, staff and iCabbi system.

If you weren’t in iCabbi, what would you be doing?
Probably in the gym training twice a day for the Crossfit Games - I’m hooked!

 Pierce Holdcroft

Pierce Holdcroft - Senior Software Developer

Improving the architecture and functionality of our Dispatch solution

Over 6 years of experience in developing web applications, working with leading online retailers and advertising company, with particular knowledge of search engines.

If you weren’t in iCabbi, what would you be doing?
Toss up between spending every waking minute of my day playing XBox or attempting to build my own Iron Man suit.



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