Meet our new Head of Product - Gillian Lennox

"I got a feel for the place while consulting and I thought ‘I think I can make a difference here .'"

Published on 11.09.2018, in

Hi Gillian, welcome to iCabbi! how are your first few weeks going?
Great! Everyone is really friendly and helpful.  

You began working with iCabbi as a consultant first, how did this come about?
A previous manager of mine was working with Gavan and the team, and asked would I help out from a Product point of view.

What is your background and how will it help in your new role with iCabbi?
My 12+ years’ experience in Product was primarily spent in and - both very different industries. I will be looking to bring some of that experience to the Product team here and make sure we are driving the voice of our customers, building the right products well, and develop the team to be best in class. All with a smile!

Why did you choose iCabbi as your next career move?
I got a feel for the place while consulting and I thought ‘I think I can make a difference here and learn all about a new industry along the way. Perfect.’

What is the best thing about being part of a product team as opposed to any other area of the business?
Because it’s such a diverse role!  You get to work closely with all departments and stakeholders, meet the customers, drive design, understand technology and I enjoy the strong commercial element to Product too.

What are your thoughts on the recent RCI Bank & Services investment in iCabbi?
It’s incredibly exciting! Such a great opportunity for iCabbi to shape the industry and deliver world class products with the support of a well-known, international brand.

What are you most looking forward to in your role?
Working with a talented team to shape the product suite through data, while learning about and understanding the industry and our wide range of customers.

What are you most likely to be doing when not in the office?
Usually you’ll find me out walking, shopping or drinking coffee and nattering!


Gillian Lennox

Head of Product

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