Meet iCabbi's new Chief Operations Officer - Brian Rowan

'It really looked like a great opportunity. After 5 minutes with Gavan, I was convinced!'

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Hi Brian, welcome to iCabbi! how are your first few weeks going?

Excellent, it’s been all I expected and more!

How did you come across iCabbi and the role you are in here?

I actually didn’t know of iCabbi until I was approached about the COO vacancy. However, once I did my research on the company, I could see that it really looked like a great opportunity. After 5 minutes with Gavan, I was convinced! 

What is your background and how will it help in your new role with iCabbi?

I’ve been responsible for scaling a number of software organisations, building out their capability to grow while retaining their culture of entrepreneurship. In fact, I ran my own consulting business doing just that for a few years.  

Why did you choose iCabbi as your next career move?

I love growing companies which are disrupting the market status quo and through innovation, are building an alternate future for their customers. The taxi sector is experiencing real market disruption where mobility is challenging the traditional transport options, new entrants like Uber have ripped up the rule book and SaaS based technology from iCabbi is helping taxi company owners successfully face up to this challenge.  Sounded like a great chance to get into the middle of this!

What do you most enjoy about working in operations?

Operations is at the heart of every organisation. It’s the enabler for our customers in terms of getting them live, supporting them in their usage and then, through our Customer Success Managers, enabling them to optimise their benefit from our software. In Operations, there is never a dull moment!

What are your thoughts on the recent 120 jobs announcement in iCabbi?

It’s great news and adds to the excitement around the company. It will enable iCabbi to achieve many of the goals that capacity constraints would previously have held us back on.  

What are you most looking forward to in your role?

There are great people in iCabbi and I’m really looking forward to building something special with them. The taxi sector is completely new for me so I have plenty to learn through meeting and supporting our customer base.

What are you most likely to be doing when not in the office?

I’m a big sports fan, especially football where I follow lost causes such as my vision for Notts County (who, I hear you ask?) being in the Premier League one day; when I’m dealing in reality, I enjoy music, a good book & a nice pint of craft beer.


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Brian Rowan - Chief Operations Officer

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