Meet our Head of Research & Development, Pat Bolger!

'To be involved in companies at this stage in their lifecycle is a great pleasure. I have been here a few times and they are the best memories of my career. This career move was a no-brainer for me. '

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Hi Pat, welcome to iCabbi! Tell us a bit about yourself…

I was a country guy at heart having moved from Kerry to Dublin when I went to college but I haven’t left since. I’m married over 12 years with two wonderful kids. I’ve worked in many companies in many different roles but working in technology companies at this growth stage is by far the most fun.

What's your initial impression of iCabbi been since you started here?

It’s been pretty fantastic to be honest. I feel there is a tremendous buzz around the place that reminds me of my early days working in IT.

How did you come across iCabbi and the role you are in here?

I actually hadn’t heard of iCabbi before I was interviewed for the role. After discussing the opportunity with a number of individuals it became apparent that this was something very exciting that I could not afford to miss.

What is your background and how will it help in your new role with iCabbi?

I’m quite entrepreneurial and have set up and grown a few companies since I started my career. I have also worked for and with a multitude of large companies. I feel my experience working in both has given me valuable insight into where iCabbi is currently.

Why did you choose iCabbi as your next career move?

iCabbi is going through a very exciting growth period and to be involved in companies at this stage in their lifecycle is a great pleasure. I have been here a few times and they are the best memories of my career.  This career move was a no-brainer for me.

What is the best thing about being part of the Research and Development team as opposed to any other area of the business?

Any role in a fast growing technology company like iCabbi is very exciting and rewarding. Being involved in the heart of the technology and helping to build that out with the team is even more so.

What are you most looking forward to in your role?

Working with the great people in iCabbi and helping expand the team with new talent as we grow.

Where do you see the taxi industry in 5 years’ time?

I think there is lots of change coming. The ways in which technology can be further applied to the mobility sector is pretty much unlimited. I think most technology advancements over the last few years can be applied in some shape or form. AI and autonomous vehicles are the next steps I guess.

What are you most likely to be doing when not in the office?

I’m an avid sports fan so when not in the office I would most likely be watching some form of sports. Other than that, spending time with my family and friends.


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Pat Bolger

Head of Research & Development

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