iCabbi to create over 120 high-end technology roles in Dublin.

'Our new focus will be on facilitating open innovation.' Gavan Walsh, iCabbi CEO and Co-Founder.

Published on 07.09.2018, in

  • iCabbi to more than double office space on Dublin’s north side to accommodate new teams
  • First major step towards the creation of a Global Innovation Centre for the Taxi Industry in Dublin

 iCabbi, the leading provider of dispatch management software to taxi fleets across Ireland, the UK, the US and Canada, recently invested in by RCI Bank and Services, the financial services provider for Groupe Renault, today announced that they will create 60 jobs in the short term, with the ambition to hire 120 in total over the next three years. The majority of the roles will be based in their new innovation centre, supporting a product strategy that will shape the future of “Taxi 2.0”, as the sector responds to massive change in the industry such as increasing demand for shared-use vehicles.

Given iCabbi’s unique position at the intersection of an existing and underutilised mode of transport, and the ever-changing needs of commuters; employees will have a significant opportunity to work on areas including advanced fleet utilization, cloud infrastructure, open API excellence, app development, business intelligence and artificial intelligence. These are high-impact roles that will help transform an industry as it competes with new trends and well-funded giants.

The new hires, who will be across roles from Development, Product, Design, Business Development and Marketing, will be working with a diverse team in an entrepreneurial environment, where thinking differently is rewarded and learning through failure is okay. Customers using iCabbi’s platform have successfully completed over 350,000,000 bookings – the equivalent of over 1 billion kilometres / miles, and iCabbi’s new innovation centre will leverage trip data like this to inform product and operational improvements for their customer base.

Speaking on the immediate changes customers can expect to see, Gavan Walsh, iCabbi CEO and Founder said “Our customer base is alive with ideas on how to move their business and the industry forward. iCabbi will unite and unleash the potential of a fragmented sector. Our new focus will be on facilitating open innovation more quickly through partnerships, allowing us to focus on our core product – excellence in intelligent dispatch. Groupe Renault and RCI Bank and Services see an opportunity to invest in the taxi industry and help us supply taxi companies with the new tools they need to compete. It’s an exciting road ahead.”

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