iCabbi’s Artificial intelligence helps taxis innovate – and it's called EiVA

"Intelligent Voice Assistant (EiVA) is designed to make the taxi experience better for both the customer and the taxi company – and here’s how"

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Mobile phones, the internet and personal computers have revolutionised how many industries operate – and artificial intelligence (AI) is set to be next.

AI has already made its mark, profoundly altering industries from medicine to marketing – and taxi companies will be next with the emergence of solutions like iCabbi’s Evolving Intelligent Voice Assistant (EiVA), which will greatly enhance customer service and streamline operations.

“These intelligent systems have the potential to radically change the industry for the better,” says Bob Dyson, managing director at DiSC Systems. DiSC is a phone system purpose-built for the taxi industry which integrates completely with iCabbi dispatch software. “We’re at the beginning of market changing innovation in the taxi industry, with self-driving cars and business intelligence tools coming down the line,” he adds.

Artificial intelligence: Growing in popularity and accessibility

Intelligent voice assistants might seem like they belong in a futuristic sci-fi film, but that’s only because of the stigma surrounding artificial intelligence. Public perception is conflicting, with many fearing that robots will replace manual labourers or that an AI rising is coming.

The truth is that machine learning is already here. Over the past number of years, it has been integrating into our daily lives across manufacturing, healthcare, cybersecurity and finance.

“Artificial intelligence has a lot of potential, and it’s starting to set the scene for what the industry will look like years from now,” Bob says. “A lot of big players like Google and Amazon are helping companies to research and develop their own software and that’s making new and exciting ideas possible.”

Although the limitations and advantages of artificial intelligence have yet to be fully realised, many organisations are already seeing a return on investment with 83 percent of early adopters yielding either moderate or substantial gains.

It’ll only be a few years before artificial intelligence – in its varied forms – is commonplace among regular business operations. Interestingly, just 4 percent of respondents to Gartner’s 2018 CIO Agenda survey have adopted the technology in a day-to-day capacity, but nearly 46 percent have plans for it in the next few years.

iCabbi is one of those companies, innovating now for the benefit of our customers long into the future. Intelligent Voice Assistant (EiVA) is designed to make the taxi experience better for both the customer and the taxi company – and here’s how.

Intelligent voice assistants and taxi companies – a perfect match

Intelligent voice assistants have always been a popular subcategory in artificial intelligence – Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa are two tools that put virtual assistants in consumers’ hands. Now the technology behind them has advanced, and so too have their uses.

Over one in every five respondents to a PricewaterhouseCoopers survey said that they had ordered transportation through their voice assistant, while another 29 percent indicated they would do so in the future.

It’s an important development for taxi companies as intelligent voice assistants can handle everything from fielding customers’ calls to booking appointments and updating customer records.

“Where EiVA excels is in the day-to-day, simple tasks,” Bob explains. “It allows operators to handle the important complicated customer interactions and leaves tasks like first time bookings and call-outs to the AI.”

Artificial intelligence is already being used elsewhere across the industry, and it’s only a matter of time before innovation finds its way into the office. On the road, NTT DoCoMo, a mobile operator in Japan, is using proprietary data from its mobile users to fuel an artificial intelligence platform that predicts geolocational ebbs and flows in user volumes, leading to one driver seeing a 20 percent uptick in revenue.

EiVA: Intuitive taxi dispatching

Using artificial intelligence to fuel better customer service could have a similar effect on your taxi company’s bottom-line. iCabbi’s EiVA solution is an intelligent voice assistant that can:

  • Handle multiple bookings at once.
  • Quickly create and update customer records.
  • Seamlessly dispatch drivers from the point of reservation.
  • Autonomously maintain an entire system of consumer information and operational functionality.

For iCabbi’s customers – and taxi companies in general – these are powerful incentives. But how does EiVA work on a practical level? “Consider a customer who books a taxi for 3am,” Bob explains. “You don’t want to call right before to make sure he still needs it, because you could wake the family. The best option from a customer service perspective would be to call at 9pm the night before, but achieving this at scale is tough for any business. EiVA can handle these interactions seamlessly, which cuts back on costs and improves taxi availability.”

Automating taxi dispatch allows taxi providers to scale operations at an affordable cost, eliminating human error from the process and ensuring that callers are always able to use the company’s service. In return, operators can yield higher revenue, better enterprise metrics and stronger brand appeal.

“Considering that EiVA and other technologies are totally configurable, we’re going to see a lot more integration – not just in this market but everywhere,” Bob explains. “The market and technology need to mature but given time the AI robot will deliver a full suite of features 24/7 and the agent will add the human touch needed to provide fully rounded excellent customer service .”

Get started with EiVA today

Taxi companies aren’t waiting for the next big thing – it’s already here. Book a demo with iCabbi to see how EiVA can help your business.


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