iCabbi and CMAC

iCabbi is now fully integrated with CMAC

Published on 10.05.2017, in Product

CMAC arranges in excess of 250,000 journeys per year to major corporate clients, holiday companies and airlines on a pre-planned and emergency basis, moving in excess of half a million passengers a year.

CMAC Partnership Ltd is rather a unique company operating under 5 unique brands which serve distinct customer needs; Coach Hire Booking (CHB) , Business Continuity Transport (BCT)Travel Management Solutions (TMS)Delay Divert Solutions (DDS) and Flight Delay Services (FDS)

It operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days per year, providing a single point of contact for their clients’ travel requirements.

iCabbi is now fully integrated with CMAC which will bring in more bookings and further growth for our customers.


iCabbi is the leading global innovator in cloud based dispatch systems, created with and for enterprise taxi partners to drive business growth.

The platform offers full visibility and control of business and is designed to reduce operational costs, increase efficiency through automation and drive customer satisfaction.

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