How to scale your taxi business without adding to your overheads

And speed up your entire process

Published on 20.09.2017, in taxi automation, business efficiency, future-proof

Imagine having more hours in each day which you can dedicate to developing your taxi business and push it forward, rather than simply coping with the same day-to-day issues?

Using an automated system for handling incoming requests and dispatching drivers can transform your business. A vital tool in helping to upscale, not only can an automated system be very cost-efficient, but it can also speed up your entire process.

We know there can be a wariness around the use of automation. But taking the time to get to grips with what this technology is capable of should leave you in no doubt as to its benefits.

Understanding the capabilities and being able to exploit this technology to its full potential will give your business the edge over your competition. “Taxi companies need to take stock of where they are now,” explains Bob Nixon, co-founder of iCabbi. “They need to assess their strengths and build on them but also address their weaknesses and create a plan to eliminate them too. That’s the best way to scale.”

Automation adds an efficient edge without additional wage costs

Automation isn’t something that should be feared. Think of it as that additional dream employee; it never misses a day and is always giving one hundred percent. Another huge benefit of bringing automation to your business is ensuring that tasks get completed faster and more efficiently. Viewing automation as a method of helping, rather than replacing your existing workforce, is the key to unlocking the potential for significant growth within your business.

Your automation partner becomes a dedicated and trusted asset

When it comes to taking the next big step in expanding your business, having the right team in place is crucial. From the word go, our hugely experienced iCabbi team is on hand to assist with every step in the process. You’ll have the assurance of being able to draw on the experience of a team which has already taken the journey hundreds of times.

We fully understand what you need to do to get to the next level, and our experience is invaluable. Imparting our skill and expertise onto members of your team enables them to get the most from an automated system. Our process means that your company can stand on its own from the moment you go live, giving your taxi business greater independence and confidence to start transforming into a leading company in your area.

Positive change helps you to future-proof

The type of system you’re migrating from will determine the timeframe involved. The size of your business will be considered also – smaller companies can transition faster than very large ones. Setup only takes a couple of days for a small-sized taxi company, for example. Once you’re switched over and live, your business is ready to start growing. “90 percent of iCabbi’s customers have expanded their business within one year of implementing an automated solution,” confirms Andy Janes, Project Manager at iCabbi.

One of the most important factors in managing a successful changeover is having the vision to look to the future and make the right decisions for your company. Bob Nixon explains: “There might be a bit of short-term pain for some companies when they look at cutting what doesn’t work efficiently right now, but that means they’ll be ready to face the future in the best shape possible.”

Add more drivers with less cost

Traditionally, if you wanted to add more drivers to your fleet, it would require having their cars fitted with the hardware used by your business. That often proved to be both costly and time-consuming to install, and could understandably lead to some hesitation for both parties. In contrast, iCabbi can provide a solution that requires only a basic smartphone device for cars equipped with easy-to-use software. Reducing the financial costs involved not only makes the process easier, but also increases the appeal of your business to future drivers.

Handle peak-time surges without the need for more staff

Whether it’s a football final, rock concert or an impromptu transport strike, sudden surges in customer traffic can place a strain on a taxi business. But often these are spikes in a short period of time, and don’t necessarily justify the requirement to hire more dispatchers. It is precisely these scenarios where the iCabbi system can benefit your business by taking on the load. The result is a higher number of jobs for your company and a much stronger rate of customer retention.

Adapt more quickly to changing customer demands

Society is changing at a fast rate as customers use more on-demand services in their everyday lives thanks to the adoption of smartphones and apps. The same applies to how your customers now use transport. Both individuals and companies are making greater use of automation and apps to make their lives more efficient.

Naturally, being able to handle their needs more easily will benefit how your company operates and performs going forward.

Automation helps your business run more efficiently

As soon as you're prepared to let the technology work, you will very quickly see just how much more effective it can be at handling your workload. Peak times can see less strain put on your staff, making their quality of life better, and can virtually eliminate the instances where customers can’t get through to you.

This can lead to greater retention of business and in turn, create a better working environment. Drivers can fit more jobs into each working day and at the same time, bring down the number of dead miles between each customer.

All the knowledge, all the time, thanks to the cloud

One of the key advantages to help you further develop and scale up your business comes from having a far greater level of knowledge about exactly how it is performing on every level. The combination of having more free time thanks to increased automation and being able to instantly examine virtually any parameter of the business from any location puts you firmly in control.

Thanks to the data you’ll have at your fingertips from iCabbi’s automated solution, you’ll be able to make better decisions more frequently.

Benefit from a system that grows with your business

Unlike some business systems, iCabbi can grow and develop in parallel with your business. In such a fast-paced and ever-evolving industry, innovation is key when upscaling and staying in front of the competition. ICabbi is continuously developing and updating our technology to the benefit of our users, ensuring you always have the very best tools at your disposal.

Want to scale your taxi business? 
Thinking about innovating to ensure your taxi company’s future? Then get in touch with iCabbi: We’ve helped hundreds of taxi companies to become more efficient and profitable and can help you with any questions you might have. You can learn more about our product here. 



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