Head in the Cloud or Head in the Sand?

Published on 07.11.2016, in News

Those that tell you that dedicated on-site servers, expensive service contracts, user licenses, server rooms, cables everywhere and expensive onsite IT expertise is the way to protect your business are wrong, they are probably selling a product with a high margin that will be negatively impacted if you move your data to the cloud. This mindset is restricting your growth. 

Data security in the cloud is very similar to the types of security you probably have on-site but without the need for expensive hardware and associated maintenance. It can be difficult to compare the security controls of a legacy on-site system with the controls of a cloud based system but several studies have found that existing/legacy environments are not as secure as they may seem and cloud environments are more secure than organisations think.   On site servers require sizable up front investment, ongoing costs for maintenance, upgrading hardware, expanding storage over time, renewing software licences and of course the likely need for in-house IT staff.   Storage in the cloud however requires no up front investment and usually negates the need to have an internal IT person as the stress of managing servers is gone. Customers maintain ownership of their content at all times…it’s your data, you decide what happens to it.   Cloud storage also means you can operate your business from anywhere, at any time. Taxi and private hire operators can now operate their entire business from a device as simple as a chrome book, laptop or tablet. The result is a flexible business model where staff can interact with customers and access files from anywhere.   iCabbi use Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers.  AWS were the first U.S. cloud provider to obtain direct Multi-Level Protection Scheme (MPLS) Level 3 approval and they have ISO 27017:2015 certification and currently provide services to over one million customers including government agencies, financial services, healthcare providers and businesses. Both iCabbi and AWS understand that customers care deeply about privacy and data security. That’s why we implement responsible and sophisticated technical and physical controls designed to prevent unauthorised access to or disclosure of customer content.   If you would like to learn more, some good info can be found here:https://goo.gl/wxrpdn   The industry has changed, your customer’s needs have changed. Operating in the cloud gives you the chance not only to compete but to compete in ways many never thought possible. The question is what are you going to do about it?



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