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"With iCabbi Insights, you’ll get a unique view on exactly what is happening with your business – so no more guessing."

Published on 09.10.2017, in insights, business intelligence

When iCabbi introduced its cloud-based automated booking and dispatch system, it changed the game.

Now, we’re going to revolutionise the taxi industry all over again with the launch of iCabbi Insights. This new Business Intelligence (BI) tool will prove to be an essential strategic asset for your company.

Every day your business can process thousands of bookings, and no two are the same. That results in a huge number of variables. iCabbi Insights helps you to distil that information into easy to understand visual reports so that you can make better business decisions – faster.

That means you can operate based on hard facts rather than a gut feeling, because iCabbi Insights empowers you to make decisions that are based on your data. From there, you’ve got the tools to move your taxi business forward.

What exactly is iCabbi Insights?
Data collection isn’t something new; it’s happening across all kinds of businesses. Until now it hasn’t been possible for the taxi company owner to see this data in such fine detail or on such a scale. With iCabbi Insights, you’ll get a unique view on exactly what is happening with your business – so no more guessing.


Every possible parameter can be examined, compared and filtered over a specific period of time, chosen by you. That information is then displayed on a customisable dashboard – and you can even view it on your smartphone.

Why is data so important?
In the same way that automation has enabled your business to grow, data can be the next key to enabling your business to develop. The fact that taxi companies haven’t been able to understand their customers fully has been a huge knowledge gap. From who they are, to where they’re coming from and going to, and how they use your business hasn’t been properly quantified. And until now, no company could offer the level of detail as iCabbi Insights does.

With millions of data points collected, you can tailor the system to display a dashboard showing how your company’s KPIs are performing, thanks to up-to-the-minute reporting. You can compare different weeks, months or even times of the day to see changes in the performance of your business 

iCabbi Insights has all sorts of other applications too. It can be useful in highlighting problem areas, whether these are with an account or a driver. The information is there in black and white, and lets you react to it more quickly. It puts you firmly in the driving seat as a business owner, regardless of how big or small your company is.

iCabbi Insights gives you answers to all your questions
The scope of data that can be extracted and collated into instant reports is so large, all you need do is think of a question. What have been your five busiest days in the last month? Straight away you can see the results based on any aspect you choose. But you can query the system to deliver the results of hundreds of questions, and each time it will give you the correct answer without any risk of mistake.

Compare your best-performing drivers, most cost-efficient routes or how frequently your top customers use your business and the value that brings – and this is just a snapshot of what’s possible. iCabbi Insights uses all the data already being taken in by the system and funnels it into the areas that you want to explore to improve your business.

Knowing how to interpret the data can drive massive change in your business, plus you can drill down even further to look at finer detail. These instant results let you identify touch points where a higher level of investment is more likely to lead to customer growth.

How will this benefit my business?
Being able to make the best decisions for your company depends on having the information at your disposal. With iCabbi Insights, there is no one single aspect of your taxi business that you won’t be able to examine in detail, in real-time.

You can take as much or as little from the system as you like. Perhaps you’re concerned about losing a high-value customer; with this, you can see how many times they have booked in the last month, the duration of their wait time and overall spend. You can very quickly spot problems, such as a driver who isn’t performing well and react more quickly to address the issue before you lose any more business.

iCabbi Insights gives you the ability to quickly see the results from any pricing or operational changes that you make to your business. Having the data to show that one area you cover is much busier at a certain time of the week gives you the opportunity to send more of your drivers there to minimise wait times and gain more work.

Seeing a breakdown of bookings from a geographical standpoint lets you see areas to on which to concentrate. You can get exact results for the medium your bookings come in from, whether that’s via an app, phone, or web. You get significantly more visibility over where your incoming business is being generated and it gives you the clarity to evaluate who your truly profitable customers are.

Can I add this to my current system?
Yes, as iCabbi Insights uses all the data generated by the existing system, customers need only to upgrade to gain access to this wealth of information. It doesn’t require additional hardware and setup won’t result in any downtime for your business. 

iCabbi Insights can be tailored to suit your exact needs. Whether you want multiple members of your team to have access to data or to have exclusive control, the entire setup is customisable around your needs.

Discover iCabbi Insights now
To discover what iCabbi Insights can do for your business, email, or visit us at Stand 627 at TLPA for a demo. We’ll be there from 8th-12th October to show you in person how this incredible Business Intelligence tool can benefit your taxi company.


Sorcha Jowitt

Marketing Executive

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