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Fostar Solutions Advisor, Kevin Kyle, fills us in on all things Fostar and what he thinks about the future of the taxi industry.

Published on 20.11.2019, in icabbi marketplace

What is Fostar? 

Fostar, Inc. is a full service phone and internet carrier agent.   We simplify the process of working with providers by providing experience and expert information to taxi cab owners so they can have the confidence that their most precious asset, their phone numbers, are in good hands.  We have been in the taxi cab industry for more than 15 years and worked with the iCabbi solution for over 3 years so we know what is expected and what is required for success.

Who is your solution for? 

We are your resource for the “phone lines” that plug into the iCabbi platform.  My clients look to me and my team as a resource to set the right expectations on what the phone service providers will deliver.  We source multiple providers to compare pricing and have a proven process to ensure a smooth transition. We look at the needs of your business to determine the right carrier(s) with the highest uptime.

What is the problem your solution solves? 

Two main problems are solved by our involvement.  If a taxi cab owner is working directly with a provider, they typically require that the customer interface with the “old” or “losing” provider to gather all the information.   We know all the hoops involved here and I can tell you there are many. We assist to interface with the old and the new provider to ensure all hurdles are handled to make the transition to the new provider smooth and avoid rejections from the old provider to release the phone numbers.  This happens a lot, but we have over 20 years experience making this happen efficiently. Second, we know which providers offer the best service and the best rates.   We can source several to ensure you have the right provider for your business and one that works well with iCabbi.

How does your solution work with iCabbi fleets? 

We work with the providers to provide SIP lines that are delivered to the iCabbi system in the “cloud”.   The phone numbers become virtual numbers with the new provider and send the calls to the iCabbi software to routing and delivery to your business.

What is your company vision in one sentence? 

Fostar is committed to the simplification of telecom for the taxi industry.

Can you tell us about any other products/services you plan to bring to the Market? 

We offer internet services for your office.  We can source just about any provider including:  fiber, cable, wireless/LTE, along with sophisticated equipment for failover between each to maximize uptime. 

In your opinion what key developments should taxi fleets be planning for, why? 

It has to be easy, simplify your process for your riders.  If you make it easy, the price is not as important.

What is the future of the taxi industry in three words? 

Automate and simplify.


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