DiSC RTC 3.0 update

Real time communication is key to a growing taxi business.

Published on 21.07.2017, in Product, Feature

DiSC’s latest RTC(Real Time Communicator) update comes with a range of new features; agent status wallboard, click to dial, new keyboard shortcuts, call parking and call pickup, directed pickup, group pickup and the ability to manage multiple lines.

How to activate

DiSC's update is now available for existing users. Customers will have seen a pop-up box asking them to ‘re-enable’ permissions for DiSC RTC 3, simply click the re-enable option and your system will be updated automatically.

Special offer

If you are not currently using DiSC’s RTC option, then please email below and we would be happy to arrange a no-obligation demo and special offer pricing of the product only available until 31st October 2017!

For more info

Get in touch! You can reach us at orders@discsystems.co.uk.

Remember, DiSC is fully integrated with iCabbi so will only enhance your existing system!


Sorcha Jowitt

Marketing Executive

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