A new iCabbi Product Strategy for the taxi industry - What did our UK Customers think?

We interviewed our customers to get their feedback at our Manchester Update in September

Published on 18.10.2018, in


iCabbi CEO, Gavan Walsh, presented a new product strategy to drive open innovation for the taxi industry through the creation of an online Marketplace at our Customer Update events in Ireland and the UK in September.  This video documents our customer responses to what he had to say in Manchester

As Bob Nixon, Co-founder of iCabbi, states at the end of the video, iCabbi was delighted and excited by the initial reaction the Marketplace strategy received. We’re now looking forward to sharing these plans with our North American customers at our Customer Update event in Las Vegas, taking place alongside the TLPA 100th Annual Conference and Trade Show.

Thanks to our customers for their comments:

  • Liam Brewster, City Taxis, Sheffield
  • Dean Turner, Veezu, Langstone
  • Mel Revell, Links Taxis, Grimsby
  • David Hunter, ADT Taxis, Loughborough 
  • Scott Dolan, ABC Taxis, Norwich


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