Brexit and your taxi fleet

Ciara Flynn, Head of Compliance at iCabbi, speaks on how Brexit will impact the operation of your taxi fleet on the iCabbi platform.

Published on 22.10.2019, in ICABBI


Brexit is by no means a new topic, but it is starting to feel a little closer to reality than before. As a business owner there are no doubt lots of questions you would like answered about how Brexit will impact your taxi company..... and we're sorry to say, we don't have all the answers. However, what we do know about, and can guide you on, is how Brexit will impact the operation of your taxi fleet on the iCabbi platform. Rest assured, there's nothing to worry about. Here's what you may want to know.

Is my iCabbi contract impacted by Brexit?
As a follow-up to Brexit, we may need to put safeguards in place with our sub-processors in the UK but any related cost will be absorbed by iCabbi. The terms and conditions of your contract with us remain as they were the day we signed. We will continue to update you and protect the Driver and Passenger Data in line with best practice and the standards set down by the GDPR.

What does Brexit mean for my data?
GDPR became enforceable in 2018 so the new standards have been in force for some time - Brexit negotiations have not killed GDPR compliance in the UK. At least not yet.

What does the UK Government say?
The stated intention of the UK government and the ICO (the UK's data protection regulatory authority) is to comply with GDPR post-Brexit so they will aim for a decision of adequacy by the EU Commission that the UK laws are equivalent to GDPR. A decision might take a while; a couple of years some commentators say. If the UK data controllers and processors are complying with GDPR anyway then transfers should be able to continue subject to the implementation of certain safeguards. As stated above, these safeguards will be put in place by iCabbi. 

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