A Baby Named After iCabbi!

PAC Biz Call Centre employee Kristine Tabunyag names her baby after iCabbi because she loves our taxi dispatch software!

Published on 11.05.2019, in taxi

iCabbi has a namesake and she is very, very cute! We're tickled with excitement and pride to share the news of Baby iCabbi with you all. She was brought to our attention by Pac Biz co-founders Eric and Bob Grunstin. During a visit to their new call-centre in Dumaguet in the Philippines Eric and Bob discovered that one of their agents, Kristine Tabunyag, had named her daughter after our taxi dispatch software, and they couldn't wait to tell us!  

When you work in an office, you’re bound to certain software to do your job. Some give users a pleasant experience and help make their job more efficient, others make them question the management’s decision making as well as their future employment with that company. However, when you do have a great experience with software or a brand it can take on a life of its own. And in this case, it’s through the naming of a baby after us!

When I passed this news onto Gavan Walsh, our CEO, he was totally floored. He's got 4 gorgeous kids of his own, but looked as happy and proud as a brand new Dad.  He shared the news with the rest of the team that day at our monthly Town Hall, stating, “we’re an ambitious company working on behalf of taxi fleets to help them grow and prosper in the new transport age. We want to put taxi companies at the very centre of mobility. I can’t say it was ever our ambition to have a human namesake, but maybe it should have been! The fact that this has happened because Kristine works with our dispatch system every day, finds it easy to use and loves our brand is a huge compliment to us. We’re delighted to welcome Baby iCabbi into the world and into our iCabbi family of employees and customers around the world”.

The team at iCabbi were thrilled to hear the news and immediate plans were put in place to send Baby iCabbi a welcome gift. She’ll certainly never be short of items with her name on them now!

iCabbi (4)

I caught up with Eric Mulvin to get the low down on Baby iCabbi. "iCabbi has been powering Pac Biz taxi fleet clients for over 3 years, and is a useful tool for all departments of Pac Biz, allowing us to get valuable data monitoring our staff. So it’s no surprise that over 225,000 hours a year are spent on the iCabbi platform by Pac Biz staff, and that number keeps growing, Kristine knows the name iCabbi well. She has spent over 3,100 hours on the platform from her time at Pac Biz, providing driver support in addition to helping customers calling in". 

Mulvin was happy to share details on what moms like Kristine get while working at Pac Biz, “We offer paid time off to new moms; 50% of this paid maternity leave is paid by the government, but we have to file to get reimbursed.” And this is kind of how the name iCabbi came about. After Pac Biz HR prompted her for paperwork 4 months after the birth, Kristine had to make a choice on a name. 

“I was already at the hospital to register her. Her name was supposed to be Olivia,” said Kristine, “that’s the time I decided, I’ll just use iCabbi instead of Olivia because iCabbi is just so rare!” Unique names are not new to Kristine’s kids. “My first one is Krad Firstty and the second one is Princess Krizyan,” added Kristine, but it hasn’t come without some joking in the office. “They are always making fun, if the next time I get pregnant, then the next baby’s name should be RTC. Oh my God, RTC,” she shared with a laugh, about another tool used within iCabbi.


Kristine added that there are more taxi call center agents pregnant and there could be more iCabbi babies on the way, so her daughter wouldn’t be alone. With future plans for Pac Biz and iCabbi, there will be a lot more employees taking taxi calls on iCabbi from Pac Biz. “Pac Biz has been supporting clients on iCabbi with our call center since 2016 and we’re really excited to be working together closely to provide more solutions for taxi fleets to grow and benefit from each others success” shared Mulvin.

iCabbi is launching the iCabbi Marketplace to provide taxi fleets with smart tools and software. We've developed a sophisticated API for these solutions to integrate with, and is hand-picking partners who can offer high-quality add-on value to our customers. Head of iCabbi Marketplace, Philip Macartney, commented: “Our Marketplace is about open-sourced innovation that compliments what we’re doing here at iCabbi and fast tracks the development of the taxi industry.”

Pac Biz is one of the exclusive companies offering its services directly to iCabbi clients around the world. So, it looks very likely that they will have more iCabbi user customers coming their way and perhaps Kristine's prediction about more babies named iCabbi will come through. 

For now though, we're more than happy with iCabbi Nicolette and are looking forward to seeing her grow up! We're growing up too - with help from our new strategic partner RCI Bank, so I guess iCabbi and Baby iCabbi can mature alongside one another!




Sinead Gillett

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