500,000,000 Taxi Rides Milestone Smashed

Published on 01.07.2019, in taxi, taxi hero

Boom! We've hit a major milestone at iCabbi - 500,000,000 bookings powered by our cloud-based taxi dispatch system. That's half a Billion, how cool is that?  Sure we even made the headlines! And of course we didn't stay on the nose of 500,000,000 for very long.  We hit target on Saturday night and have now ticked well on past it and are charging on towards the 1 Billion mark. 

It won't be long coming. The half a billion bookings is a staggering achievement for us and a truly proud moment for the company. What's most impressive, however, is the fact that 37% of these bookings were made over the last 12 months.  As more and more taxi fleets continue to switch to iCabbi from other dispatch providers, our car tally is growing all the time. With that in mind, we're set to do the next half a billion far quicker than the first. 

It's been a rollercoaster 12 months for iCabbi. Last June we entered into a strategic partnership with RCI Bank & Services, the funding arm of Groupe Renault. Since then it's been all about expansion and strategic planning to fulfil our vision of putting taxi companies at the centre of mobility. We've been on a major recruitment drive, expanded our Dublin HQ, opened a dev hub in Montreal, are getting ready to launch the iCabbi Marketplace, and have even had a baby named after iCabbi!

I caught up with CEO Gavan Walsh to chat about hitting the 1/2 a billion bookings milestones and what's been happening at iCabbi over the past year.  


As Gav says, hitting 500,000,000 bookings is entirely down to our customers. It's the aggregate of their bookings, and their hard work, over the last number of years. Our customers' success is our success and so everything we do at iCabbi is in the interest of the fleets that have joined us. We love nothing more than supporting them in their growth, and we like to think of our customers as taxi heroes! 

Customer Competitions!

Since iCabbi's 1/2 a billion bookings belongs to our customers, we wanted to let them in on all the fun! We held two competitions. The first was for the company and driver that hit the target for us. The second was for the company who guessed closest to the time of booking. 

Drum roll....... And the Winner is....

The customer who hit the milestone for us was 24/7 Radio Carz in Birmingham. Congratulations to the team and in particular to the lucky driver who made our 500,000,000th ride. We'll be visiting you soon for your prize-giving! 

That one was totally down to luck. The next prize was for the company who guessed closest to the time it hit. The winner is It's Roadrunners Ltd in Leeds. Well done guys! You get to have a team party on us!

If you're interested in switching to iCabbi and being part of the 1 billion bookings countdown why not talk to us today. 






Sinead Gillett

Head of Content

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