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Published on 24.08.2017, in Market news, Feature


Don’t miss out, available to the first 50 firms who book a demo, offer ends after 50 days!


A true cloud based system
You or your operators can operate your business from anywhere at any time. Regain
control with the most up to date information at your fingertips all the time.

Market leading rate of automation as standard
Expect 60% booking automation on average using our phone system & passenger app.
Greater automation means more time for you and your staff to take on more customers
allowing your business to grow.

IVR phone system designed for the taxi industry
Automatically answers over 50% of calls into your business. Gives the passenger real time
info on taxi location, saving you time! Allows direct calls between passenger & driver.

Craig from Morley Central grew from 50 to 100 cars,
in 18 months! Book your Demo and find out how!

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iCabbi is the leading global innovator in cloud based dispatch systems, created with and for enterprise taxi partners to drive business growth.

The platform offers full visibility and control of business and is designed to reduce operational costs, increase efficiency through automation and drive customer satisfaction.

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